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This page represents other sites on the web that may be helpful. Many sites are for both tarot and oracle. I have denoted tarot resources as (T), Cartomancy resources at (C) and oracle resources as (O). So, a designation of (T/O) means the site has resources for both tarot and oracle cards, and likely other forms of divination as well. I have also tried to organize the sites by level, but these levels are approximate. Often there is something useful on each site for all types of readers.

I have tried to preference free resources, but some sites may offer courses, items or services for sale. Be aware that I do not necessarily endorse any of these products or services, nor do I endorse and opinions on these sites.

This list is not comprehensive. If you know of a site, or would like your site included, get in touch with me via the form on the Contact page of this site.

Beginner Resources

Anna K Lenormand (O)
Biddy Tarot (T)
Cafe Lenormand (O)
Labyrinthos (T)
The Tarot Lady (T/Astrology)

Intermediate & Advanced Resources

Mary K. Greer’s Tarot (T/O/C)
Parsifal’s Wheel Divination (T/O)
Stella’s Cartomancy (C)
Traditional Tarot (T)

All-level Resources & Forums

Aeclectic Tarot Archives (T/O)
American Tarot Association (T)
Benebell Wen (T)
Cartomancy Forum (C)
Eclectic Tarot (T/O/C)
Eno’s Tarots (T)
Little Red Tarot Blog (T)
Tarot Heritage (T)
Tarot, Tea & Me Forum (T/O/C)

General Interest Tarot

Anaelleamaya (T/O)
Reddit “The Tarot” Subthread (T)