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About Me

Hi, my name is Jamie. I live in Texas. I’ve been reading tarot, oracle cards and lenormand (and dabbling in other systems) fairly seriously since early 2016. I read mostly for myself and for some close friends, and I still very much consider myself a learner. That said, I am growing in my reading abilities every day. Right now, I am trying to learn the Thoth system (wish me luck) along with a couple of friends. I absolutely love all things cards – reading, collecting and reviewing. So, what better thing to do with my free time than start a tarot and oracle cards review blog!

This site is my small way of thanking the tarot readers who have mentored and supported me over the past several years. The online community is truly amazing if you know where to look. I am deeply grateful to a good many people. It’s also a way of paying it forward to new readers (and new-at-heart readers) who may need a little guidance or encouragement from time to time. I’ve designed this site to be not only a place to review decks, but also to share what I have learned and am learning with others and to see what you all are up to too!

I’m a decent writer (all those college papers), but writing this much content is hard work. My goal is to give you high quality content on the regular. But, please be a little gentle with my inevitable typos. That said, also let me know!

I hope this site grows and is fun and helpful for many. Please enjoy it! And, as always, feel free to leave a comment or message. I’d love to hear from you with ideas about topics, decks to review or other tarot and oracle news.

Take care!