Tarot cards have many meanings, and sometimes it is hard to catch all of the nuances. That’s why handy guides like this exist! Here are four cards that signal your wishes will manifest. Nine times out of ten, you want to see these in your readings. Or, if you are working on actively manifesting a wish, try meditating on the imagery from one of these beautiful cards.

Nine of Cups

9 of Cups
The Nine of Cups in the RWS

This is the quintessential “wish” card in the Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) system. Look at this card and you will see a man sitting on a bench with a rainbow of cups surrounding his head. Look closer: He has a contented smile on his face in most depictions. It’s a beautiful card to get upright as it shows emotional satisfaction in addition to a wish being granted. Be careful though, because in some readings, and with reversals, as this card can also be a sign of overindulgence.

Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Disks
The Knight of Pentacles

This knight is slow moving and dependable. So, this isn’t the type of wish that comes out of the blue. Instead, seeing this card tells you that you will earn your dream through hard work and dedication. Sometimes, that’s hard to hear because we all want it “now,” but trust that this can be a good things. Working toward your goals means you will value the outcome more and you will fully appreciate it. You will also have a sense of achievement in yourself. Remember the old saying, “easy come, easy go.” If you see this card, it may take a while to get your wish, but it will likely be lasting once it comes.

Six of Wands

6 of Wands
The Six of Wands

This isn’t a traditional “wish” card, but it often works as one. If you look at the card in a RWS deck you will see a man proudly riding his steed after a successful battle denotes success and victory. It also dentore public recognition of your achievement. So, if you are asking if something will happen in your life, this card shows a resoundingly positive result! Take the chance as you will be victorious. But, with pride comes a fall, so also account for the “shadow” side of this card and make sure to keep your hubris in check.

The Star

The Star in Tarot
The Star

The only card on this list from the major arcana, the Star is one of the most beautiful cards in the entire deck. It shows a beautiful (and naked) woman by a body of water. She is holding two containers, one from which she is pouring water into the water, and the other from which she is pouring water onto the earth. The first jug represents subconscious desires and the current of life that carries your innermost desires. The second represents using those desires to water and grow real results. Often, the water on the land is shown flowing in five rivulets. These represent the five senses and show that the waters of desire are no longer subconscious, but are now becoming “real.” Oh, and there’s almost always a giant star up above. And, we all know these song, “When you wish upon a star . . .”

Of course, there are other cards in a tarot deck that can show a wish coming true in some cases. The Aces immediately come to mind, with their hands from above offering gifts to us, but often those meanings are more dependent on the question being asked. These four cards are fairly obvious in almost any context. So, when you see one, you know to dream big!