This oracle deck features Ascended Masters and other spiritual beings across many traditions. To date, it is one of UK spiritual expert Kyle Gray’s most well-known decks and there is good reason why. This is a unique deck that accomplishes its goals beautifully.


Keepers of the Light, (c) Hay House
Keepers of the Light, (c) Hay House

This deck is, in many ways, similar to Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance oracle deck that I have already reviewed. The most obvious difference is the inclusion of figures from all genders. Yet, this is not the only way this deck is more inclusive. Not all of these figures are traditionally seen as gods or goddesses. Some are angelic, others are avatars; most are quite specific to one belief set. While the Goddess Guidance deck did do a nice job of including figures from different cultures, this deck makes an absolute point of it. Odin stands alongside Joan of Arc. Jesus shares space with El Morya, and Cenunnos, Mercury, Quan Yin and White Eagle are all represented. Like with the Goddess deck, I would have liked the inclusion of more sub-Saharan African figures, though there are many from North Africa.


This deck’s artist is Lily Moses, and she has done a fantastic job. The images are nicely rendered with beautiful distinguishing details for each figure. Overall, I think she does a very nice job or portraying each figure as an individual and remaining respectful of all the cultures, religions and traditions represented. Moses uses purples and vibrant blues in most of the cards, but there are also many golds, reds and pinks. She is fond of quite vibrant colors throughout, so a large spread may be a bit overwhelming to the eye. Even so, the cards are gorgeous on their own or in small spreads.

Layout and Feel

Keepers of the Light, (c) Hay House
Keepers of the Light, (c) Hay House

This deck contains 45 large cards on nicely weighted and rather shiny card stock. Each card features the name of the Angel, Deity or Master as well as as a keyword and very short message. This is all in a block at the bottom of the card. The other three fourths of each card is an illustration.

The LWB comes in at 120 pages. It includes a nice introduction about connecting to the cards and doing a basic reading. A nice touch is that he includes basic information on key concepts like the law of attraction, twin flames and free will. Though many people have differing definitions of terms like “twin flames,” his is nicely encompassing, and I quite appreciated the help this would give to beginning readers. The section on cards has about two pages of information for each card, which includes a nicely sized black and white image of the card. There is an “about” section that gives a background of each figure and also an “extended message.” I thought it was a nice touch that there is a one-page appendix that lists all of the twin flames presented in the deck.

As is standard to most oracle decks, the box is a two-part, rigid cardboard box. It is nicely done in purple. The card backs are quite pretty, with rings, wings and sacred geometry. They are not reversible, but I hardly ever find this a problem with oracle cards.


This is a great deck for anyone looking for a broad cast of Ascended Masters and other entities with which to begin working. I see it as particularly good for people new to exploring this work, though the deck will stay with them long into the future. Gray has done an excellent job with this Keeper of the Light deck overall.

Deck Specs

Keepers of the Light, (c) Hay House
Keepers of the Light, (c) Hay House

Name: Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards
Type: Oracle
System: Modern
Card Number: 45
Backs: Not reversible
Card Size: 4.00 x 5.00 in (10.16 cm x 12.70 cm)
Box: Rigid
Author: Kyle Gray
Illustrator: Lily Moses
Publisher: Hay House, 2016
Availability: Amazon

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