Mastering Simple Spreads

Experienced readers realize that tarot and oracle spreads simply do not have to be complicated to be effective. Having too many cards on the table can often muddy the meaning of a reading or cause a reader to over-analyze a card meaning. On the other hand, even just two cards can give valuable insight into a topic or situation. That’s right – depending on the question a simple spread of two cards may be more helpful than a Celtic Cross or some other elaborate spread.

Yet, many readers have trouble setting simple spreads up. It takes a little imagination and a strong sense of what is and isn’t important to ask to pare a spread down to just two cards. So, I’ve decided to help by providing ten simple, no-fail spreads that only use two cards to get you started. Many, if not all, of these spreads will work for both tarot and oracle cards. So, try them with both.

The Tarot and Oracle Spreads

What to Do – What Not to Do

Now – Later

Weakness – Strength

Keep – Let Go

The Mistake – The Lesson

Me – Him/Her/Them

Perception – Reality

Can I? – Should I?

This Week – Next Week

My Thoughts – My Emotions

Truth – Falsehood

What is Ending – What is Beginning

Want even more?

Of course there is a time for more cards in a spread. Maybe you have a more complicated situation. Maybe you have already gotten a handle on the gist of situation and are needing more details. Or, maybe you have a handle on simple spreads and want to “level up.” Choosing the right spread entails being flexible. If none of these two-card spreads is what you are looking for, you may find the perfect layout in an earlier post of mine where I give twelve three-card spread ideas.

If you still aren’t finding what you are looking for, try making your own bespoke spread. You can use one of the spreads I’ve provided for inspiration or come up with something completely your own. Have fun with it!