This little deck offers 40 crystal-themed oracle cards. These cards are perfect for a purse, travel bag or desk drawer whenever someone needs a quick message. They would also be great for adding an extra boost to a longer reading using different decks.

Malachite, Crystal Wisdom cards, (c) U.S. Games.
Malachite, Crystal Wisdom cards, (c) U.S. Games.


These cards are marketed as affirmation cards, and this is exactly what they are. The give the crystal’s name, a keyword association and a brief affirmation message. It’s as simple as that.

There is no LWB. This means there is no expansion of further keywords, metaphysical meanings of the crystals or geological facts. For someone wanting more depth, I would suggest buying a book on crystals along with this little deck or possibly considering a full-sized crystal oracle deck. That said, I love this for its simplicity and for how it works as an affirmation deck. Whenever I need further information, I look up the stone in my crystal book.

Orpiment, Crystal Wisdom cards, (c) U.S. Games.
Orpiment, Crystal Wisdom cards, (c) U.S. Games.

The section of crystals seems varied. Included are both the “greatest hits” of clear quartz, selenite, amazonite, and so forth. But, there are also some surprising choices that will keep those with a more extensive knowledge of crystals engaged and interested. These include nuummite, hiddenite, heliodor and orpiment (pictured).


These cards are double-sided. The front has a close-up picture of the crystal so they you can see the detail. These images are often brightly colored, but they seem true to the gemstones and are not heavily filtered. The images are crisp enough to make the stones easily identifiable to those who know crystals well. That said, the crystals are not named on the fronts of the cards. I actually prefer this but can see it being frustrating for some.

Moonstone, Crystal Wisdom cards, (c) U.S. Games.
Moonstone, Crystal Wisdom cards, (c) U.S. Games.

The card back contains the written information for each card. This includes the crystal name and all of the information mentioned above. This info is set against a black and gold sunburst design that is the same for every card. I am fine with the imagery. however, I do not like the card back design as much as the front design.

Layout and Feel

This is a mini deck and the cards are only 3.9 by 2 inches (9.91 by 5.08 centimeters). So, they are about the width of a typical card but are much shorter. Even so, this deck does not feel small. This is partly because of the smart design choice of using large-scale images and partly because of the deck’s overall quality. These cards come on a nice, sturdy stock that is quite glossy on both sides.

The box is a rigid cardboard box with a flap lid that has a magnetic closure. This closure makes it very east to securely shelve these decks despite the box design. It also gives a satisfying “pop” when closing the lid. lid. The inside of the lid gives a small paragraph on how to use the deck and the image credits and other information is tastefully printed inside the box.


I can see many uses for this deck. As mentioned above, it would be great for traveling. It would also make a great thank you gift or stocking stuffer. Finally , the images are so clear that I can actually see these cards being used as a game to help people learn to identify several different types of crystals. Of course, this last use would necessitate more resources about the crystals in the deck. Overall, this is a fun little deck for anyone interested in affirmations, crystals or both.

Deck Specs

Aquamarine, Crystal Wisdom cards, (c) U.S. Games.
Aquamarine, Crystal Wisdom cards, (c) U.S. Games.

Name: Crystal Wisdom Inspiration Cards
Type/System: Modern Oracle, Affirmation
Card Number: 40
Backs: Not reversible, double sided
Card Size: 3.9 x 2 in (9.91 x 5.08 cm) 
Box: Rigid
Author:  Rachelle Charman
Illustrator: Various
Publisher: U.S. Games Systems, Inc., 2017
Availability: Amazon

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