In addition to being the face of Hay House, Louise Hay published her own oracle and affirmation cards for a long time before her death. This little set of 64 Wisdom Cards is one of her efforts. Even though I am listing them as oracle cards, they have more of a affirmation vibe to them. Bright and unfailingly optimistic in their wisdom and guidance, these cards are perfect to keep on your desk at work or bedside table for a daily pick me up.

Wisdom Cards, (c) Hay House
Wisdom Cards, (c) Hay House


These cards are done mostly in primary colors and a slightly naive, folky art style. As such, they are sunny and friendly to took at from the start. There is a dominance of reds and yellows, but all the colors are present and in heavy saturation. There are lot of hearts, butterflies, open hands, and abstract human figures with their arms uplifted. This isn’t my usual art style, but I like it for these cards. If anything, I find the font a little “busy” and it sometimes makes it hard for me to tell the front side of the cards from the back.

Layout and Feel

The cards are square with rounded edges and are all double-sided. One side has an illustration with a short thematic message. The other side has a longer message and usually some sort of border or small illustration that complements the main image on the other side of the card. This is very similar to Mike Dooley’s Notes from the Universe on Love and Connection deck that I reviewed not too long ago.

Wisdom Cards, (c) Hay House
Wisdom Cards, (c) Hay House

Also similar to Dooley’s deck, there is no LWB. Instead there is an information card with a message and a bio of Ms. Hay. This allows for there to be 64 cards instead of the more usual 44 of most oracle sets. This number of 64, however, does include the bio card by my count. So, there are really only 63 messages to pull.

These cards a different size than most modern oracle cards on account of them being square. The cards are fairly glossy and on medium stock. While it is possible to riffle shuffle them, I have found it much easier to just use an overhand shuffle.

The box is rigid cardboard and opens with a flap lid from the top. While I like this presentation, I have found it harder to store these cards on a shelf because cards can fall out if the box is standing on end and is not always bookended on both sides by other boxes.


As mentioned above, this deck really is more for affirmation that any sort of predictive reading. This is true to the name. These are wisdom cards and they actually do give helpful and supportive advice. The deck offers a nice balance of advice and kind words across many different areas, including finance, relationships and self esteem. Many of the cards focus on the power of positive thinking.


This would be a nice deck to pull a card from at the end of a reading, especially one dealing with “tough” issues for the querent. It is also a great choice for a practice of pulling a card a day and focusing on that affirmation. With over 60 cards, there is plenty of wisdom in these Wisdom Cards.

Deck Specs

Wisdom Cards, (c) Hay House
Wisdom Cards, (c) Hay House

Name: Wisdom Cards
Type/System: Modern Oracle, Affirmation
Card Number: 64, including the bio card
Backs: Not reversible, double sided
Card Size: 4 x 4 in (10.16 x 10.16 cm) 
Box: Rigid
Author: Louise Hay
Illustrator: Eris Klein and Sarajo Frieden
Publisher: Hay House, 2000
Availability: Amazon

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