This goddess oracle deck is one of the most popular decks by one of the most popular oracle deck authors of all time–Doreen Virtue. Virtue has become a devout Christian. So, she has since quit making oracle decks and has also begun pulling her old decks from the shelves, so I thought it best to review this while it was still somewhat available. 

Mary Magdalene, Goddess, Guidance Oracle Cards,(c) Hay House
Mary Magdalene, (c) Hay House

Layout and Feel

This deck is 44 cards and is in a large format. When I first opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised that the edges of this deck are gilded. Since then, I have been happy to see that the gold edge has managed to withstand regular shuffling. 

Nothing else will be that notable to those used to Hay House decks. The box is a two-part, rigid cardboard box. The LWB comes in at about 125 pages and is nicely bound. It does feature illustrations of each card, but they are small and in black and white. If anything, I would say that the card stock is a little thin compared to other decks put out by Hay House and by Virtue. The cards have some gloss to them and a bit of slip when shuffling. I find it a bit hard to work with them, but I can see them being fine for others.


The artists contributed imagery that is all very well done and seems to be pretty consistent throughout the deck despite being the work of many hands. This consistency is not something I see in all of Virtue’s decks, so it truly does make this one stand out. I was pleased to see not that every artist was credited. They were also given a brief biography and contact information for buying their work in the back of the LWB. This was a nice show of support for artists that put out superior imagery for this deck.

The box and packs of the cards are done in yellow, which looks nice with the gold. The backs are not reversible, but I find them to be very pleasant. They feature a crown, which I may not have chosen for a goddess deck, but still quite like.


This deck is very “feminine.” This makes sense in that it focuses on goddesses. The card faces are in various pastels and the messages on each card are quite gentle. Though the LWB has a longer message for each card, I have found that the card heading and short message are clear enough for most readings without the use of the LWB. Where the LWB does come in very handy is in learning more about the goddesses themselves. Beyond this section, there is also a message from each goddess and a section of various meanings for the card. 

Virtue chose the goddesses for this oracle deck well. They represent several different cultures, traditions and religions, which is nice to see, especially in a deck that was first published over 15 years ago. If anything, I would have like for there to be more figures from sub-Saharan Africa and indigenous cultures. Though there are a few, Egypt, Europe and Asia are better represented.


Butterfly Maiden, (c) Hay House

If you can find it and are willing to pay, this is an excellent beginner deck as it is quite positive and gentle. There are several other goddess oracle decks on the market, but this one seems to be a crowd favorite for good reason. It is a good set of oracle cards for someone trying to tap into his or her feminine energy and own inner goddess. It is also for those looking to have a break from the more common angel-themed oracle decks. I will be honest that it is not a deck I personally pick up too often, but I enjoy it when I do. 

Unfortunately, it is currently out-of-print. So, it commands a fairly high price right now. So, beware of the sticker shock when you click below. If the price ever goes down, I will be sure to update this post.

Deck Specs

Name: Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
Type: Oracle
System: Modern
Card Number: 44
Backs: Not reversible
Card Size: 4.00 x 5.00 in (10.16 cm x 12.70 cm)
Box: Rigid
Author: Doreen Virtue
Illustrator: Various
Publisher: Hay House, 2004
Availability: Amazon

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