I’ve been comparing the different tarot systems recently. I am used to using RWS, but I’m in a group to learn Thoth. I also have a lovely Eteilla deck. So, I decided to have a go at comparing the major arcana for these tarot systems across the board. To be as systematic as possible, I decided to make a chart. Since it may be helpful to others, I’ve decided to share it here. 

Here are the standard orderings for the major arcana cards in the Marseille, Eteilla, RWS and Thoth systems. In each system, there are 22 cards. Please note that I have only listed the most common names for each card and that I retained the numerals used the cards, which may not be standard. For instance, The Fool in a Marseille deck is not usually numbered. Of the tarot systems, the most unorthodox is the Eteilla system, where the major arcana are completely different. Etellia cards tell of the creation of the universe in cards 1-8. Therefore, they tell a different story than the “Fool’s Journey” narrative  common to other systems. So, here is the chart I made:

Unnumbered: The Fool0/78: The Fool0: The Fool0: The Fool
I. The Montebank          1. ChaosI. The MagicianI. The Magus
II. The Popess                2. LightII. The High PriestessII. The Priestess
III. The Empress 3. Plants and BirdsIII. The Empress III. The Empress 
IIII. The Emperor4. The HeavensIV. The EmperorIV. The Emperor
V. The Pope5. The PersonV. The HierophantV. The Hierophant
VI. The Lovers6. The StarsVI. The LoversVI. The Lovers
VII. The Chariot 7. Birds and FishVII. The Chariot VII. The Chariot 
VIII. Justice8. RestVIII. StrengthVIII. Adjustment
VIIII. The Hermit9. JusticeIX. The HermitIX. The Hermit
X. The Wheel of Fortune10. TemperanceX. The Wheel of FortuneX. Fortune
XI. Force/Strength11. StrengthXI. JusticeXI. Lust
XII. The Hanged Man12. PrudenceXII. The Hanged ManXII. The Hanged Man
XIII. Death13. MarriageXIII. DeathXIII. Death
XIIII. Temperance14. Force MajeureXIV. TemperanceXIV. Art
XV. The Devil15. The MagicianXV. The DevilXV. The Devil
XVI. The House of God16. JudgementXVI. The TowerXVI. The Tower
XVII. The Star17. DeathXVII. The StarXVII. The Star
XVIII. The Moon18. The HermitXVIII. The MoonXVIII. The Moon
XVIIII. The Sun19. The TempleXIX. The SunXIX. The Sun
XX. The Judgement20. The WheelXX. The JudgementXX. The ├ćon
XXI. The World21. The CarriageXXI. The WorldXXI. The Universe