Notes from the Universe on love and Connection, (c) Hay House
Notes from the Universe on love and Connection, (c) Hay House.

This deck of 60 oracle cards was created by Mike Dooley for Hay House based on his longstanding newsletter “from the Universe.” The cards are overwhelmingly affirming and positive messages about love and relationships.


The cards are all related to relationships and interpersonal connections. While some of the cards do have a romantic focus, many of the card meanings can be extended to friends and family members. The cards themselves are double faced, with a short message on the card “back” and a longer message that gives an explanation on the front. The shorter messages (e.g. “Create space for new love”) to a bit fun and silly (e.g. “Yeeee-Haaaaaaa!”). All of the longer messages are signed “The Universe,” which seems in keeping with Dooley’s newsletter.

There is no LWB to speak of in this deck. Instead, there is a card with a message from Dooley on one side about the cards and how to use them and his biography on the other. Presumably, this was so that all 60 cards could fit into a standard-sized box. The card meanings are generally self explanatory, so I do not feel a LWB is necessary. I think Dooley made the right choice by offering the additional cards instead.

Card face from Notes from the Universe oracle deck.
Notes from the Universe on Love and Connection, (c) Hay House.


The card design features cards showing galaxies, night scenes and tie-dye effects. The cards are heavy on the blues, purples, pinks and oranges. The front side of the cards has a border, but the backs are borderless. I quite like the design of these cards, but I would not consider them “art” cards. Some of the designs are a little repetitive. Because these cards have messages on both sides, they are not reversible. If fact, they are rather hard to shuffle blindly. I find myself cutting the deck with my eyes closed and then burying the card I choose at the bottom of a stack of other oracle cards so that I do not read it too early.

Layout and Feel

Shuffling itself is a little difficult. These cards are a standard size for oracle decks, but the card stock is quite thick and so it makes it hard to riffle shuffle them for someone with small hands (like me). That said, the card stock has a nice slightly glossy finish and seems to hold up very well. Additionally the stack is thicker than many other decks due to this stock and the fact that there are an extra 16 cards.

The box is a rigid cardboard box with a lid. There are notches cut out on the sides of the lid for easy opening and closing. The cards fit well into the box and it seems sturdy, though its finish is glossy and can show scuffs and marks.


Because these cards are so gentle, they would be great for new readers, people who are a little uneasy about getting their cards read. They would also be helpful to, and really are intended for, those who need some reassurance and kind advice about their relationships with others. 

Deck Specs

Love in Spite of it All, Notes from the Universe Oracle Deck.
Notes from the Universe on Love and Connection, (c) Hay House.

Name: Notes from the Universe on Love and Connection
Type/System: Modern Oracle
Card Number: 60
Backs: Not reversible, double sided
Card Size: 2.8 x 4 in (7.112 x 10.16 cm) 
Box: Rigid
Author: Mike Dooley
Illustrator: Bryn Star Best
Publisher: Hay House, 2018
Availability: Amazon

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