Tarot and oracle superstitions abound. Readers are naturally rather . . . aware of the signs. We may be up there with actors and Cubs fans (though without the lucky underwear). However, it makes sense that we are a little careful about our actions when we are engaging in something that makes it so easy to pick up on all the energies around. Here are some interesting beliefs that many readers have. Some people follow these religiously. Other people do not believe in any of them at all. 

Ten Common Tarot Superstitions

  1. No one else should touch a reader’s cards so that no bad energy transfers onto them.
  2. Similarly, no one should buy a used tarot deck.
  3. Knocking on the cards before reading with them helps remove any negative energy. 
  4. Tarot readers cannot buy their first deck. It must be given.
  5. Tarot cards must be stored in silk or velvet.
  6. Tarot readings should be done facing east.
  7. A deck must be put into new stock order after every reading to “reset” it.
  8. There needs to be a elaborate ritual to cleanse and attune a new deck of cards.
  9. A querent should never ask the same question twice.
  10. Readers should not read for themselves.

I’ll be honest, I’ve broken at least 70% of these “rules” at least once (okay, dozens of times), and I have lived to tell the tale. Even so, I do “reset” my decks from time to time. I also try to not ask the same questions of the cards multiple times. To me, however, this is less about superstition and more about learning to trust my instincts and not feed into my self-doubts, doubts worries and fears. Similarly, reading for myself is difficult, but this is because I often am either too invested to be neutral or have a “blind spot” that another reader can help me see. I know, however, some people hold to most or all of these ideas strongly, and for much less mundane reasons. 

Where do you stand?

What about you? Do you know of any oracle card or tarot superstitions? Leave them in the comments below.