Hi! I’m so happy you’ve taken the time to visit my tarot and oracle blog. I have dedicated this blog to reviewing tarot and oracle cards and other products as well as providing some basic information and lessons about how to understand tarot. I publish my lessons, card reviews and general posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and some Saturdays. I may also, from time to time, publish some other posts. These could be about my personal tarot journey, the online tarot community, other resources, upcoming decks and whatever fits my whims at the moment. 

Thank You

The tarot community has been very kind to me during difficult times, and I have learned a great deal about myself by consulting the cards. I am very grateful to the people and experiences in my journey. This blog is a small way I can give back to tarot and oracle readers, new and old. I have found many other great resources online and, from time to time, I hope to highlight them for my readers. 

Site Goals

My main focus will be tarot deck reviews, but that is not all this site will be about. In my reviews, I will strive to be as honest about them as possible. What I like, dislike, and what I can see may be useful or a hindrance for others. As of now, I am reviewing the decks that I personally own. I cannot afford every new release or anticipated indie deck. So, please be aware of that limitation when searching through my posts for that one rare collectible you are interested in getting from a Christie’s auction. I am, however, trying to create a list of commonly used and talked about decks to be a reference for new buyers of those decks for the future. As time goes on, those goals may broaden a bit. (Here’s hoping!)

I hope you find these posts helpful.